Indie Design GAL: Gloves & Mitts

This is part of my on-going Indie Designer Gift-A-Long 2018 series. Starting on November 26th, one to two times a week I will be highlighting 4-6 designs from my fellow designers also participating in the event.

Don’t forget to join in the fun, we’re all over here chatting up a storm.

Midsomer Mitterns by Mary O’Shea

From the pattern description
Even though mittens are not (usually!) needed in Maine in June, this mitten’s name reflects the colors and timing of the design. This pattern was originally conceived in the early spring, with thoughts of summer in mind–the actual working of the sample started right at midsummer.

Available in one size and uses approximately 250-300 yds of DK weight yarn.


Cloudbreak Gloves by Jessie McKitrick

From the pattern description
Inspired by traditional Fair Isle designs, these cosy gloves will keep you warm all through the winter. The Cloudbreak Gloves are worked in the round from the bottom up, with a gusset thumb, and feature a stranded colourwork pattern covering the mid-section of each glove.The main motif is centred over the back of the hand, while a chequer pattern covers the palm and thumb gusset.

Available in 3 sizes, and uses approximately 600-1300 yds of fingering weight yarn.


Helianthus Mitts by Stephanie Johnson

From the pattern description
The Helianthus Mitts pattern pairs handspun marigold dyed fiber with a stranded colorwork design featuring a sunflower. In addition, the project uses handspun black walnut (the Missouri State Nut) dyed fiber, another local source of dyestuff found in the midwest that is easy to use as a natural alternative to chemical dyes.

Available in one size, and uses approximately 210-230 yds of sport weight yarn.


Woodcutter Mittens by Renee Kies

From the pattern description
The woodcutter mittens feature a stranded outer mitten and a stockinette lining. These are knit separately and then seamed together. The lining has the smooth knit side facing the hand for ultimate comfort. The lining will prevent fingers from catching the floats from the outer mitten as well as provide additional warmth. These mittens will brave the cold winter with you!

Available in one size, and uses approximately 525-600 yds of fingering weight yarn.


Friendship Gloves by Moira Engel

From the pattern description
A set of twin pre-teen girls who are very dear to my heart asked me to make them gloves that look like friendship bracelets. I had absolutely no idea, but the idea percolated for a while and the Latvian Braid kept invading my brain. So these are my Friendship Gloves, inspired by friendship bracelets. The color-work is mosaic, which I feel is a fun and magical way to work in color.

Available in one size, uses approximately 200-400 yds of fingering weight yarn.


Puratoke Mitts by Sabine Kastner

From the pattern description
Puratoke Mitts are part of a small collection of mitts featuring a decorative flap that shapes the upper part of the hand and defines the thumb hole when folded over. They keep your wrists and palms warm while leaving your fingers and thumbs free to move.

Available in three sizes, and uses approximately 190-265 yds of fingering weight yar

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