New Pattern Release: Eira

New Pattern Release: Eira

Every year I make a selection of ornaments for my family members to add to their trees. It’s so much more meaningful for me as the giver to be able to give them something unique and just for them. It’s a tradition I’ve been doing for several years, and last year I created these – little snowflake pillows using traditional Norwegian and Fair Isle patterns.

These are the perfect little, quick knit for holiday gift giving. Each ornament is easily completed in a few hours from start to finish, and you can use yarn scraps from the previous year’s knits to work these up. Using only about 35 yds of the main colour (border, snowflake, and back piece), and 15 yds of the contrast colour (background of the front piece) they’re awesome for getting use out of all those extra yards on your skeins.

After you’re done knitting your front and back pieces, gather your stuffing materials (several of my testers called these “tiny holiday pillows” which I just thought was so cute!), and fill to your heart’s content.

Since I’m a spinner, and work from raw fleece, I often have little bits and bobs of wool laying around, so I took those and finally put them to good use. But you don’t have to use wool – you can use even more yarn scraps.

If you don’t have a tree, these would also be awesome all strung up together – either all in the same colour combos or different ones – and used as a garland for anywhere in your home.

I used Knit Picks Palette for these, but almost any yarn could be used. Bits of sock yarn, some lace-weight yarn, or even a thicker yarn would create some really fun, large snowflakes to decorate with.

If you’d like to grab these for yourself, head on over to the pattern page to learn more, or right on over to Ravelry to purchase the pattern for yourself. And just for social media and blog followers, use the coupon code EiraSocial at check out to get 25% off the pattern from now until December 7th (11:59 MT).

Happy holidays!

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