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Skill Levels & Techniques

What are the skill levels and techniques used listed on your patterns?

Please don’t be dissuaded by any of the skill levels you see! I’m a big believer in teaching yourself through doing, so if there’s a technique listed on the pattern that you’re not 100% comfortable with, don’t be dismayed – we all have to learn sometime!

The skill levels are more like a general idea of what to expect:

    Beginner patterns are a good choice for those quite new to knitting. These patterns will utilize basic knit/purl stitches with very minimal or no shaping. Beginner patterns include both written and charted instructions.
    These are patterns that utilize basic stitches, simple shaping, easy repeats, and basic colour changing. Think knits, purls, decreases and increases, stitch repeats, and stripes. There may be some simple lace that is easily repeatable.
    These are patterns that use a variety of stitch patterns, ranging from texture to lace, to cables. All or any of these may be used, along with colourwork, using double pointed needles, short rows, and knitting in the round. A variety of different increases and decreases may be used, along with finishing techniques. These patterns assume the knitter has an understanding of basic stitches, knitted construction, and can follow pattern charts without explicit instructions.
    If you’re looking for a challenge or are quite experienced with knitting, these are the patterns for you! These patterns may include things like specific complex instructions or techniques, complex cabling, multiple lace charts, along with cabling or lace knitting on wrong side rows.

Along with skill levels, I list specific techniques used in the pattern, to hopefully help you choose the pattern that’s just for you.

Patterns & Pattern Help

I’m stuck on a pattern! Can you help?

I’m happy to provide complementary pattern support for my paid patterns. If you have a question, please head on over to my contact page to send me a message.

Are there errata for your patterns?

For self-published patterns, all errata is located on the pattern page. Additionally, the Ravelry pattern is updated, and a message sent to all Ravelry members who have purchased the pattern while logged in, so the pattern with the corrections can be re-downloaded.

For third-party published patterns, errata is available through the publisher’s website.

Are your patterns available in other languages?

Currently, all my patterns are English-only, as it isn’t possible for me to ensure the accuracy and clarity of a pattern not written in English. If you are translating a pattern for your own use, go for it! But please do not post that pattern online or distribute it.

Are your patterns charted and written?

The majority of my patterns are charted only. There will be a note on each pattern page if there are written instructions included.

I think I found a mistake in one of your patterns.

I’m very sorry! Although all patterns go through a rigorous editing and testing phase, things do slip through from time to time. Please shoot me an email here and let me know.

Your recommended yarn is handspun, but I don’t spin – help!

On every pattern written with handspun yarn, I will provide specific details about the yarn so that you can find a suitable commercially available yarn substitute. I may also recommend specific commercial yarns that I know to handle the same way as the yarn spun.

Can I use one of your patterns for my class?

I would be thrilled! My free patterns are freely available to use for your lessons. If you would like to use a paid pattern, all I ask is that each student purchase their own copy. If you are teaching a larger class, please look at my wholesale page, as there may be options for you to purchase the pattern in bulk for you students at a reduced rate.

Payments & Policies

How are payments processed on your site?

All payments are made through the hosting website’s portal and Paypal, and I am never privy to your credit card information. If you’re a member of Ravelry and logged in, the pattern will be automatically added to your library upon purchase.

But I’m not a member of Ravelry!

That’s ok! Ravelry will process your payment through Paypal without the need to log in, and then a download link will be sent to your Paypal email address. If are not a Ravelry user, my patterns are also listed on LoveCrafts and Payhip.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of patterns, I cannot provide refunds.

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