Indie Design GAL: Gloves & Mitts

This post will be the part in a series of posts highlighting different patterns and designers participating in the Indie Design Gift-A-Long this year. To create these lists I look through every single bundle from every single designer, ending up with a huge and unwieldy list of patterns. From there, I through the process of having to whittle that down to come up with the much smaller lists you’ll be seeing over the next six weeks. The wonderful thing about this is that I become familiar with every designer participating, and I always discover something new, and I hope through these lists you discover a new to you designer that can become a favourite for you.

First up is gloves and mitts – which are always an awesome choice for gift knitting.

Fee-bee Mitts by Bonnie Sennott.

From the pattern description
“Fee-bee” is a song of the chickadee, the state bird of Massachusetts, where I live. The lace pattern on the cuff of the mitts reminded me of bird tracks in snow, so I decided to name the mitts after the cheery, inquisitive chickadees who visit my bird feeders and bring me joy all winter long.

Available in one size, and uses approximately 130 yds of sport weight yarn.

Wishmaker Mitts by Erica Heusser

From the pattern description
The design of these fingerless mitts was inspired by the dandelion’s seed stage, commonly associated with wishmaking. A wide graphic panel on the back of each mitt wraps around to meet a narrower panel along the palm side of the mitt.

Available in women’s medium sizing, and uses approximately 300-310 yds of fingering weight yarn.

Yarrow by Ash Alberg

From the pattern description
Yarrow is a member of the sunflower family, and its healing properties include aiding in digestion, lessening swelling, and aiding in the healing of wounds.

Available in one size, and uses approximately 130 yds of worsted weight yarn.

Portraiture Mitts by Elizabeth Sullivan

From the pattern description
The fingerless mitts feature corrugated ribbing, Fair-Isle patterns and simple shaping for the thumb gore. Little variations to the Fair-Isle motifs keep the pattern fun to knit, and the small size of the project makes it a good introduction to stranded two-colour knitting.

Available in S/M and M/L sizes, and uses approximately 350-400 yds of light fingering yarn.

Deco Dots by Virginia Sattler-Reimer

From the pattern description
This pattern is suitable for the knitter with experience knitting mittens, reading a chart and stranded colorwork. I used one skein each of Cascade 220 Sport in colors: Van Dyke Brown, Ginseng, Olive Oil and Sage.

Available in one size, and uses approximately 328-656 yards of sport weight yarn.


A note: I take care to not highlight the same pattern as previous years, so do be sure to check out the GAL 2016 series of posts. Many of those will also be eligible this year for the GAL.

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