Making Me Happy #2

Round two of what’s been tickling my fancy this week.

1. Magic Realism Bot (@MagicalRealismBot)
Ok this one is just silly, but silly things are insanely fun. Every two hours, this twitter account posts a plot from a magical realism movie/book/whatever that it automatically puts together. The best thing is, every once and a while you see one that makes you think “hmmm, that actually could be interesting” or “I’d watch a movie about that”.

2. Everybody’s Inis Oirr projetcts
The KAL for Inis Oirr just started but people are already starting to show off what they’re doing, and I’m absolutely loving it. I really love too all the colours people are choosing – from keeping to neutrals like the Fawn one I did, to blues and purples and reds. It’ll be weeks for the first finished projects are completed, but I’m absolutely loving the fun everybody is having while knitting it.

jupiter3. Juno makes its first close approach to Jupiter
I’m very excited by the Juno project, and watched with anticipation as she entered Jupiter’s orbit for the first time via a series of tricky manoeuvres on July 4th.

Now NASA has received confirmation that she’s safely completed her first close up fly-by of Jupiter, coming to just within 4200 km above Jupiter’s clouds. The data sent back will be instrumental in learning how our solar system (and others!) formed. Within the next few weeks we’ll have close up images of the Jovian atmosphere, along with the north and south poles than we’ve ever had before.

The image above shows the approach while Juno was about 703,000 km away from the planet on August 27th, travelling towards Jupiter for the fly by.

You can read a general overview of the Juno mission here.

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