Coming Soon: Dappled Shade

Dappled Shade Preview

This upcoming pattern is the embodiment of my garden to me. This time of year is a little bittersweet, because while I’m looking forward to the things that fall bring (mostly warm knits and a house that isn’t sweltering), in my neck of the woods autumn is a relatively small part of the year, and it means the onslaught of winter is coming. Not to be all Game of Thrones about it, but winter can be pretty brutal around these parts.

I made Dappled Shade so I could keep something that reminded me of summer all year round. I’m a big gardener, have been for many years, and I love the play of light that falls through the foliage of my plants. It changes second to second, constantly creating new patterns and shapes, and I wanted something that translated that interplay of light into something wearable. So I came up with Dappled Shade.

It’s a stole/shawl/scarf (a common theme with me for something to be more than one use), and it’s equally lovely as an every day scarf, or a stole for special occasions. It’s knit on a bias, and features two different lace stitches with garter stitch highlights.

I’m planning on keeping it close through the coming winter months, so I can feel like I have a little bit of my garden with me. The count down to gardening season begins as soon as the first frost hits.

The pattern page is located here, and it’ll be updated as soon as the pattern goes live on September 22nd.

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