A Wee Update

A Wee Update

I know, it’s been exceedingly quiet in these parts as of late.

Well, since February.

I did not fall into a black hole, nor have I sworn off the internet. I have had some life changes in the past few months; exciting and new ones, but private ones. So, it’s not something I’ve talked about online.

I still do have patterns for sale, and I do still provide pattern support if emailed via the form on my page here (I do not offer pattern support if messaged through social media platforms).

I’m desperately hoping to get some new patterns up within the next few months – I’ve had several in various stages of complete all year, and it’s really time to get them up and going, don’t you think?

So, you might still not see much here for the time being, but I am alive and well, just very preoccupied with non-internet things. To tell you the truth, I’ve also become a bit tired of trying to sell myself online – whether it’s here with patterns, or via Dominion Fleece for fibres. Everybody’s always trying to sell something these days, and it’s exhausting. The joy of making seems to have taken a back seat a lot of the time.

I’ve been around on the internet for a long time, not quite since the invention of the world wide web, but not very far off either. And I’m missing an element of that that was lost since Web 2.0 and social media platforms and all that garbage. So, I have decided to start a personal blog, à la the mid-1990’s, which is when I began hard coding blogs (seriously).

While I don’t have to do that anymore (thankfully), it will stay a strictly personal blog, just talking about the things I’m making. If you’re so inclined, you can see that here.

Any new pattern releases, updates, etc. will still be here on this blog, but they may be few and far between for the next year or so.

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