Pillars of Creation Socks Release

Pillars of CreationPillars of Creation

I am really, really pleased to finally announce the release of my Pillars of Creation socks!

I’ve talked a bit before about inspirations, and how I find them. Astronomical inspiration is pretty big for me, and these socks really embody a deep-seated love I have for everything sharing this universe with us.

More about the socks…

About 6500 light years away in the Eagle Nebula, are the Pillars of Creation. So named because they are an active star forming region, this area is so massive that the finger-like protrusions themselves are larger than our solar system. I am always fascinated, awestruck, and humbled by these (and other) images that are beamed back to us from across our universe. I took inspiration from this formation for these socks.

The interweaving cables the reach down into ribbing on the foot are inspired by the hot clouds of molecular hydrogen, while the lace detailing running up each side of the foot and leg are inspired by the newly forming stars being created.

These socks are top cuff down construction with a turn heel, and you can find a bit more info, plus how to purchase them here.

I actually have a few more astronomical/planetological planned for the future, and I’m pretty excited about those as well. One is based on an actual planet, and another two based on moons orbiting another planet.

And lastly, I want to give a big hearty thank you to my test knitters for this pattern, without whom this pattern would have suffered from their insights.

From May 16 – May 31st, receive a 25% discount automatically at check out.

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