Summer Is Over When The Fat Lady Sings

Summer Is Over When The Fat Lady Sings

I know most knitters love fall. Long for it, even. It’s tough to wear our beautiful thick, woolly, hand knit sweaters when it’s 30C outside. But you know what? I love summer. Summer is my absolute favourite season. I’m lucky to live in a city that has an obscene amount of summer festivals, and that helps, but I love watching things grow, I love summer strolls, I love going out late at night to see the Perseids. I love it all.

So when everybody starts screaming IT’S FALL on September first it bums me out, I must admit. Winter is very long here, and very dark, and in the depths of January I’m definitely missing my 10 pm sunshine and picking fresh tomatoes. The leaves are already starting to turn here, which is early even for us (but seems very on point for this year so far – summer also started early).

All that to say, I actually have been working on something fall related all summer. In June I mentioned that I was working on a new pattern. Well, one turned, into two, which turned into three… turns out I have five new toque patterns that I’ll be releasing as a mini collection come October. All the patterns are in testing right now, and I’m really really excited to finally get these out into the world.

All the patterns I had originally started working on pre-pregnancy, and they were all in various states of being done when I came back to them a few months ago. I hadn’t planned to do a mini collection, but as I was knitting them they just all seemed to fit, and here we are.

I’ll leave you with a bit of a teaser for now, just a few crowns.

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