June Check-In

June Check-In

Time for a quick update methinks, right? It’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog.

My infant-growing-into-a-toddler is taking up all my time, and I love it. Watching her grow is my most cherished thing right now. Having said that, I am reintegrating making things back into my daily routine, which has been a slowish process, although one that has been happening for some months. Before I got pregnant I had a bunch of patterns just- and half-started and I’ve been going back through those, looking to get them out.

I did start that process with Virden but I’m hoping to do it with a bit more regularity (famous last words!).

That being said, any questions about patterns or support can still be done through my contact page, if my FAQ doesn’t cover your questions. Please note it will likely take a few days to respond, but through my contact form is the quickest way to get a hold of me regarding patterns (note I don’t offer pattern support through social media, and those will go unanswered).

With that said, I’m currently working on a new pattern right now and I’m very excited to get this ball rolling, so stay tuned. I’m hoping for more regular updates to this page throughout the year.

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