New Pattern Release: Endell

New Pattern Release: Endell

Oooh it’s been a tick, eh? I knew I would take it a bit slower with releases this year, but honestly I didn’t expect this slow. But this toque has been itching in the back of my head for a while – I actually designed and knit in in 2019 (although I had a few alterations I wanted to make from the first pattern). But I actually finished my first sample in its current form in April. And then it kind of hung around while everything else happened, but the toque was never far from my thoughts.

So in October, while I’m in the throes of moving mind you, I decide to start editing and test knitting of this pattern so that I could get it finished up and (finally) released in early November. And here it is! A year in the making, Endell is finally available.

Named after August Endell, a German writer, editor, designer, and architect in the Jugendstil movement (the German counterpart to Art Nouveau), the flowing lines and connected leaves reminded me of recurring natural elements often found in Jugendstil or Art Nouveau aesthetics.

Fingering weight yarn creates a delicate stitch, but the stranded colour work adds warmth, so even in my prairie winters it keeps the head warm. My sample used wool, but if you want an extra cozy toque, pick an alpaca/wool blend (the wool blended with the alpaca will let the toque retain its stretch and bounce back to fit).

You can read more about the pattern requirements here, or purchase via Ravelry or LoveCrafts.

As a side note, now that the moving is all done, I’ll be also listing my patterns on PayHip for those who prefer not to use either of those services. I’ll post a blog update and add the relevant links to all the pattern pages once that’s complete.

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