New Pattern: A Sign of Spring

New Pattern: A Sign of Spring

It is becoming a bit of a tradition for me to begin knitting a shawl in January/February that somehow embodies spring to me. In what can seem like the deepest part of winter (my god will it ever end?!) even the simple act of knitting something with the spirit of spring can remind me that yes, winter will end and spring will come.

This pattern started as an nebulous idea some months ago. I spotted Naomi Parkhurt’s stitch pattern (which she creates by encoding words into stitches, it’s so cool) and immediately it reminded me of tiny sprouts pushing their way through the soil in spring. But I wasn’t quite ready to make the pattern yet. Sometimes it has to simmer on low for a while, until just the right elements come together.

That final element was when my friend Katrina contacted me, asking if I’d like to use her new yarn, B-Fabu-Licious for a shawl. That was the last element I needed – something soft with lots of drape, but that also had body. Her new yarn was the perfect accompaniment for an idea that had been peculating for a while.

And – A Sign of Spring was finally, officially born. Using Naomi’s beautiful stitch pattern, intermingled with simple texture and slipped stitch patterning, this shawl uses approximately 1000 yds of yarn and a half pi construction.

I picked colours that specifically screamed spring to me, but it would look equally beautiful in high contrast complimentary colours, or a more monotone palette.

You can read all about the pattern on the page here, and purchase the pattern on Ravelry right here. Use the coupon code SpringSocial at check out and get 20% off the purchase price until 11:59 MT on March 20th.

Let’s all greet the spring.

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