Indie Design GAL: Shawls Part 2

This is part of my on-going Indie Designer Gift-A-Long 2017 series. Starting November 21st I am highlighting some patterns from my fellow designers also participating in the event! Each post will showcase 5-6 different designers and their patterns.

Don’t forget to join in the fun, we’re all over here chatting up a storm (when our fingers aren’t flying that is).

Leah Shawl by Frauke Neubauer

From the pattern description
The Leah shawl has the shape of a stretched half-moon. It’s worked from the middle to the lower edge, with both sides being shaped through increases.

Available in two sizes, and uses approximately 570-760yds of fingering weight yarn.

Tenia by Pariser Landluft

From the pattern description
Tenia is a triangle shawl that knits up quite fast. It starts with a plain stockinette section which transform through interrupted garter stitch into a garter stitch border.

Available in one size, and uses approximately 689 yds of DK weight yarn.

Mustard and Slate by Susanne Visch

From the pattern description
Mustard and Slate is the shawl to knit when you just don’t want to choose… Simple or lace? Gray or Oker? Using two colors, Mustard and Slate has a simple textured body and a delightful lace edging.

Available in one size, and uses approximately 656-711 yds of fingering weight yarn.

Minarets and Lace by Mary-Anne Mace

From the pattern description
This top-down crescent shaped shawl is a celebration of my favourite Estonian stitches. The stitch motifs include nupps, lace flowers, gathered stitches and arguably the prettiest motif of them all – the lily of the valley.

Available in one size, and uses approximately 662-684 yds of lace weight yarn.

Shawlands by Susanna Winter

From the pattern description
Shawlands was inspired by my love of black tea, and is named after a tea variety from the Shawlands Estate in Ceylon. It is hearty, robust, comforting, and warming — like snuggling inside on a chilly autumn’s day with a cup of tea and a good book.

Available in one size, and uses approximately 782 yds of DK weight yarn.

A note: I take care to not highlight the same pattern as previous years, so do be sure to check out the GAL 2016 series of posts. Many of those will also be eligible this year for the GAL.

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