Bring on Autumn – Pattern Sale Announced

Southdown/Jacob x Shetland sample skein
Ah – autumn. My old friend and foe is back. Autumn is bittersweet for me – the end of summer means I don’t have to complain endlessly about high heat and sunbeams that conspire to fry my skin despite all the sunblock I put on. It means I get to bust out the warm woollens I spend so much time creating.

But, it also means the end to the vegetable garden, which is a big part of my life. And it means the oncoming of winter, which in Edmonton is cold, and long.

Summer are quiet months online because I’m outside enjoying the season as much as possible before it’s time to hunker down for another winter. But autumn and winter always give me the opportunity to spend more time inside, and catch up on all the projects I have bubbling around in my head – and there are tons. Some of which I teased here, but more importantly, quite a few new patterns in various stages of completeness. If you’re on my pattern testing email group, keep an eye out. In the coming weeks there will be a few announcements.

I’ve even busted out an old sewing machine I’ve been lugging around with me for 10 years. When I say old, I mean old – a Singer 301 from 1953. Fortunately, it seems to work perfectly, and I’ve even been slowly learning how to use it. Who knows, maybe I’ll even share some sewing on this blog when I feel like I can, at the bare minimum, keep a seam straight (seriously, that’s a struggle right now).

But to bring on the fall with a bang, I’ve decided to run a pattern sale!

All patterns in my Ravelry Store are 33% off from now until September 30th MST. There’s no limit, and no coupon codes needed – just pop the patterns in your cart and and the discount will be automatically applied.

Click here to browse the patterns.

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