Indie Design GAL: Shawls Part 2

This is part of my on-going Indie Designer Gift-A-Long 2016 series, where from November 23rd – December 31st I highlight some patterns from my fellow designers also participating in the event! Each post will highlight at minimum 5 different designers and their patterns.

Don’t forget to join in the fun, we’re all over here chatting up a storm (when our fingers aren’t flying that is).

heliosHelios by Marnie MacLean

From the pattern description
The shawl’s construction is based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Pi Shawl concept, wherein the number of stitches approximately doubles at a point that is twice as far as the last doubling of stitches. The shawl begins at the top-center point and is knit out to the border.

Uses 700 yds of lace weight yarn

Eldwick by Mitenae

From the pattern description
Eldwick features an interrupted rib stitch pattern that is worked in three panels (2 showing the RS & 1 the WS) across the width of the shawl and separated by eyelet columns, which also feature around the edge. At the centre point, the panel textures reverse, creating a versatile accessory which can be worn as a wrap, or scrunched up and worn as a scarf.

Uses 1722 yds of lace weight yarn

bluemoonBlue Moon Shawl by Catherine Knutsson

From the pattern description
There are songs about it. There are sayings about it, too, but astronomically and astrologically speaking, the blue moon isn’t all that special. It only became special when cultures converted from a lunar-based calendar to our modern solar-based calendar. And yet, the blue moon somehow captures our imagination.

Uses 450 – 900 yds of fingering weight yarn

seafogSea Fog by Mary-Anne Mace

From the pattern description
Like its oceanic namesake, Sea Fog is delicate and airy: a mist-like shroud for your shoulders when the weather turns cool. Sea Fog is an elongated triangle that transitions to a crescent, giving it extra depth than a traditional crescent, but still retains the eye-catching curve that gives a crescent shawl its visual appeal.

Uses 766 – 820 yds of lace weight yarn

amberleAmberle by Shannon Cooke

From the pattern description
Meet a triangular shawl that’s as addictive to knit as it is snuggly to wear. Amberle’s squishy textural stitches bring worsted yarns to life and the repetitive pattern is easily memorized—making it much less complicated than it looks. The wide border creates a gorgeous way to showcase contrasting colors.

Uses 780 – 910 yds of worsted weight yarn

pteroPtero by Gege à la Gomme

From the pattern description
With his generous crescent shape and his ribbed chevron texture, Ptero has a prehistorical feel.
The construction involves doubling the increase axis a few times. The result is a shawl that sits comfortably on the shoulders.

Uses 840 – 930 yds of DK weight yarn

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