New Pattern: Dappled Shade

Dappled Shade Knitting Pattern

Dappled Shade is now live!

I live for spring and summer. Despite my love of warm comfy cables (which are just not conducive to wearing when it’s 30C outside), spring and summer are really my time to shine. I am outside in my large veggie patch every day (an average of 40 different types of tomatoes is not out of the norm for me), digging in the dirt, watching the bees do their thing, and watching the wind move my plants around, creating constantly changing shapes in the shadows.

I named this pattern dappled shade because it has that strong link to my garden for me – the light falling through the lace incorporated into this pattern very much remind me of those dancing shadows I find in my garden.

It’s knit on the bias, with two different lace stitches, along with a smaller eyelet panel, all of which create varying shapes and forms the whole length down this shawl or scarf.

I for one plan on wearing it as much as I can through the fall and winter to keep me connected to that deep feeling of calm I find in my garden, and having it remind me that soon this winter will pass, and I will be out there again.

You can see more about the pattern here, or view the Ravelry page here where it is available for purchase.

Did you visit Lael & Larry of Hearthside Fibers at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival? If you did, pull out the card you got from their booth and receive 30% off the pattern price upon checkout!

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