Indie Design GAL: Gloves & Mitts

There are so many talented designers this year as part of the Indie Design Gift-A-Long, I just had to highlight some of the really awesome patterns I’ve come across by my fellow designers.

Every Wednesday from now until December 31st (with maybe a few Fridays/Saturdays thrown in – it’s really difficult to choose only a few patterns), I’ll be posting some highlights, each pattern from a different designer. By no means are these lists exhaustive – there are so many cool patterns, I had to spend a few hours whittling down my lists to post here.

First up, we have gloves and mitts! A really awesome quick knit for gift giving, the patterns below really caught my eye.

leightonLeighton House Handwarmers by Ella Austin

From the pattern description:
These lightweight handwarmers are an ideal extra layer for when the weather is not as warm as you would like it to be!

silver-firSilver Fir Mitts by Kerri Blumer

From the pattern description:
Silver Fir Mitts feature a horizontally knit cuff with a button-up detail. A single cable panel grows up from the cuff like a lone fir tree.
Uses approximately 135 yds of DK weight yarn

ballydesmondBallydesmond by Irishgirlieknits

From the pattern description:

These fingerless gloves practically knit themselves with their intuitive cables. The pattern is written for either sport or worsted weight yarns, and the worsted version is a quick gift knit too!

Uses approximately 185 yds of worsted weight yarn

skogarSkogar Mitts by Christelle Nihoul.

From the pattern description:
Easy to knit and cosy to wear, these fingerless mittens are perfect for foggy mornings.
Uses 200-2019 yds of fingering weight yarn.

mandarijnMandarijn by Jen Lucas.

Made with a delicate lace stitch, and uses 400 yds of fingering weight yarn.

Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2016


I’m super excited this year to take place in the very awesome Indie Design Gift-A-Long. The GAL is an event that happens once a year, where hundreds of knitters and designers participate an knit-a-longs and crochet-a-longs for holiday gift giving.

From November 22nd – December 31st everybody gathers together in the Indie Gift-A-Long Rav group and gets their fingers flying on holiday gift-making. Not only is a great place to create-a-long with your fellow fibre enthusiasts, but there are contests and prizes for everybody that participates.

And even on top of those fun games, from November 22nd – 30th all participating designers (that’s me!) are offering 25% off their selected patterns! Just enter the coupon code giftalong2016 at check out and the discount will be applied.

So from November 22nd at 8pm (EST) until November 30th, here are my following patterns that you can snag for yourself at 25% off:
Cèilidh Fingerless Gloves
Cèilidh Infinity Scarf
Pillars of Creation Socks
Dappled Shade
Heather June

Every Wednesday (and maybe Friday/Saturday as well) I’ll be posting a blog post here showcasing some patterns from other designers participating that I think are pretty spiffy.

I know I’ll be snagging myself some patterns from my fellow indie designers during the sale period as well, and joining in the Rav group during the holiday season. I hope to see you there!

Knitted Holiday Ornaments – Low-Stress Holiday Knitting

minisweatersSome people go absolutely crazy with the knitting for holidays thing. I do not. I find it stresses me out, and I was constantly working feverishly on Christmas eve (sometimes later, ahem) to finish up a gift for somebody.

My family does a draw of names – we each get one other family member to shop for, we set a limit (which I may go over, ahem again), and in theory that’s the only person we’re supposed to shop for. Always not one to follow the rules, I started knitting up little tiny ornaments for everybody in my family. I could argue that I wasn’t really buying anything – I mostly use left over yarn from projects I make throughout the year. Besides maybe buying a pattern, which technically was buying something for myself, I’m not really purchasing anything for anybody.

Plus, I just like giving people things.

Doing a quick search for holiday knitted ornaments is a bit of a crapshoot I’ve found – there are really beautiful things out there that you can knit for everybody’s trees. And there are some that are… well, let’s say not to my taste.

So I wanted to create a mini-compendium of lovely little knitted ornaments that you can peruse through. These make great little stocking stuffers for family, or a neat addition to your own tree, and they have the added bonus of extremely low-stress holiday knitting. They can be done with those ends of skeins you have sitting around, and it’s amazing how many you can turn out in a day if you put your mind to it.

The ones I’ve made…

Mini Sweater Ornaments
Tiny Sock Ornaments
Icy Seas (really beautiful tiny knitted toques)

Other Patterns

These are the ones I’ve come across while searching, and haven’t made yet, but are on the to-do list for future years

Christmas Trees
Mini Mitt Ornaments
Candy Cane Christmas Ornament
Sanquhar Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Lights
Christmas Robin

Non-Traditional Ornaments

Because sometimes balls and candy canes can get a little monotonous – how about sprucing them up with something a little less traditional?

Mini Envelope Ornaments
Orbital Ornaments
Owl Ornaments
Batman, Wonderwoman, and Superman Balls
Nerd Holiday Ornaments
Grumpy, The Lump of Coal

Spooky Christmas…

We started doing this a few years ago, because I love Halloween (like, a lot). So these fall into the non-traditional category as well, and not all of them are tree ornaments, but put on a piece of ribbon or a string, and bam you have Spooky Christmas decorations.

Waldorf Halloween Witches
Gruesome Knitted Eyeballs
Creepy Halloween Candy – Zombie
Dracula and Ghosty
Halloween Stocking Ornaments

New Pattern Release: Cèilidh Infinity Scarf


I’m pleased to announce the release of my newest pattern, and companion to the Cèilidh Fingerless Gloves – the Cèilidh Infinity Scarf.

When I was creating this I really wanted the cèilidh cable to be the highlight, but I wanted to add some structure to the piece as well. I live in pretty cold parts of Canada, and in Alberta the winters can be long and harsh, so I wanted something I could wear that would really protect me against the chill in the coming months.

The trellis cable flanking each side of the main cable added that structure that I was looking for. Not entirely for the faint of heart, this pattern has cabling on every single row – right side and wrong side. If you’re a lover of cables (like me!) you’ll rise to the challenge! The lovely thing about this particular trellis cable is that it’s easy to read on the wrong side, and after the first few four-row repeats of the trellis you won’t even have to look at the chart.


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New Pattern Release: Cèilidh Fingerless Gloves

Ceilidh Fingerless Gloves

I’m very happy to announce the release of my newest pattern, Cèilidh Fingerless Gloves!

I’ve actually had this pattern, and another to be released soon, on the drawing board for a while. It all started with me playing around with what would eventually be this cable. I wanted something that gently curved and twisted, inspired by the dancers at a cèilidh.

Traditionally, a cèilidh in Scotland and Ireland was any kind of social gathering that brought together everybody from the community. Stories were told, food was eaten, and dances were held. Modern usage of the word places the emphasis heavily on the dancing, where groups come together in formal and informal settings to dance in groups. Then and now, however, it’s about bringing people together in the community, and this cable was inspired by that.

The gloves are the first of two patterns I designed to highlight this cable – the second will be coming out in the first week of November, so stay tuned for future announcements!

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